Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Struggling to Keep the Shelf Intact

In my post on March I quoted Camilla Kimball and her idea about putting things on a shelf when it comes to stuff about the gospel that you don't understand. Sometimes I'm successful at keeping stuff on my shelf and sometimes I have to admit my shelf sags. Right now it's sagging pretty low. My heart aches with the pain and anguish that is caused by things that members high in our church say that to me feels wrong. When making analogies I think one should avoid making comparisons to something so large in history, with long-lasting repercussions, if you weren't an actual part of the event or were your ancestors.

Unfortunately there are no easy answers and I don't purport to have any. But it seems to me that with all the questions that surround this issue, church leaders would lean toward a more compassionate view. I wish they would not have jumped into the political realm where our honored respect for separation of church and state was blurred to the point of non-existence. It feels wrong to me to vote on a minority group's civil rights. I believe we are going to someday look back on this day and wonder what we were thinking. I hope that day comes in my lifetime. I hope that I can keep my own shelf propped up until then. I hope that the church doesn't keep pushing people away who need the loving teachings of Jesus Christ. Here's to hope.

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